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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Month of May

When May comes, it seems like all the dates on the calendar start to book up. You always have some kind of graduation party to go to, or a family outing. Now, if you’re lucky enough you might receive a wonderful call on the phone on Mothers Day overseas!!! I am so excited to say I have all three! ;)
Having Carrie graduating from Bowling Green University, and Anna-Marie from Northwest State Community College this year, we were worried that they would be on the same day. It is nice to have them on two different Saturdays.
I wish we could go to other graduation parties. I can see it now, all the yummy BBQ’s under those big tents, the cake, the cute scrapbook albums that the graduates mom spent years over, and having people say, “Aww, he/she was so cute then! What happened??” Haha. Then of course having Dad talk to everyone he sees so we’re the last ones to leave the party!!! But this year we are leaving that all behind. The family is flying out to Utah to see Diana!!!.....oh and relatives too! Since we will be out west over Memorial Day weekend, we are unable to go to the graduation parties! :(
With the Mother’s Day phone call, which we will make to Elder Andrew Pratt, will be so amazing!!! ~Only 30 minutes!!! So he will have to answer our questions fast!! All of Elder Pratt’s emails/ letters have been so enriching. The Lord is definitely blessing him and Elder Berry. So many languages and experiences that have strengthened his life and mine also. Elder Pratt truly knows what and how to use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to hear his voice!
But I just can’t wait to see Diana!!!!!! I think she is more excited about us fly out instead of her coming to the flat plains of Ohio! I just love seeing the mountains, the long winding roads that just last forever, and ever, and ever, and ever! Haha.
As of now, we do have dinner planed when we arrive to Salt Lake, most of all, the family will be going to the Salt Lake City Temple, and Temple Square!!! It is so gorgeous there. Throughout the week, we will visit Dad’s home town of Oak City. (It is about the size of Pettisville!!!) Then hopefully we will see some friends that have moved back to Utah. I really want to spend as much time with my Dad’s family as possible.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Today is the day, Monday!!! Elder Pratt emailed us! The time that Elder Pratt has to email is short, yet he can type so quickly. In every email I can always feel the warmth of the spirit as he shares his small, but many experiences he and his companion, Elder Berry, have had the past week.
Elder Pratt has done so well with learning the Dutch language. He puts the language in wherever, so I added in the English! ;) In Elder Pratt's email, he stated, "We (Elder Pratt and Elder Berry) chatted with a Taiwanese Zuster (Sister) who is student from Rotterdam. So cool. We shared Boek van Mormon (Book of Mormon) and she said, since you speak my language and both of you seem to find such joy, I want to read this boek." The sister has a friend who is a member of our church. "It was tender mercy. I (Elder Pratt) sang Families Can Be Together in Chinese and she cried. That was a prayer indeed. I always carry the hymnal just in case. The sprit was strong. Such great blessings."
This is not all that he writes, but most of his letters are special to our family only. So I have to refrain myself from telling all of Elder Pratt’s experiences, since my mouth is so huge!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Called to Serve

School, work, shopping, the gospel, mail, friends, and food are just a few of the many topics to talk about in such a big family like mine. But yet, my family and I always find a way to fit in time to talk about my amazing brother! I have always wondered why I didn’t have the many gifts and talents that Elder Pratt has. I guess it all comes down to where we are called to serve in our life.
Form the time Elder Pratt sent in his papers for a two year mission, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to the day we were screaming and jumping up and down with joy that Elder Pratt was called to the Belgium/Brussels Netherlands Mission. This is a very special calling, which so many are blessed with. As Elder Pratt was eager to leave on the plane, later to meat up with my dad and my relatives, I was in tears that I could not be with Elder Pratt. Diana was fortunate to see Elder Pratt off into the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on February 16th 2009. In one of the many letters that Elder Pratt has sent to my family, he stated, “You don’t have to wear a name tag to be a missionary.”
That is when I came to realize that I am called to serve in my family, church calling- in the Young Women’s, and at school. Even thou I don’t have a name tag telling people who I am and what church I belong to, I can bear my testimony to those around me every day. I can “be an example of the believers…” 1 Timothy 4”12